iRest Meditation - A Powerful Intervention for RECONNECTING with Source

The Most Powerful Way To Clear Emotions:

iRest Meditation

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iRest Awareness in Wellbeing

This restorative meditation is based on a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science: Yoga Nidra and psychology. "Yoga Nidra" translates as "Lucid Dreaming." It's a way to harness Right Use of Will to move into Conscious Contact with the benevolence of Universal Mind. iRest is based in the Non-Dual Truths of Advaita Vedanta which dissolve the bonds of egoic perceiving. I have also integrated an emotional clearing process based on the Marriage of Spirit, which is a path to the reconciliation of opposites. All together, these powerful practices entwined free the Shadow to facilitate living from the heart.

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iRest Meditation: Healing the Polarity of Overwhelm

Living in times of excess: when all seems unstable, change is constant, and the need to hold it all together dominates along with constant distraction of focus, there is great need for clarity and calm. Renew your energy and equanimity, even in the face of overwhelm, learning to deliberately rest and ground yourself in that middle ground which stands at the center of any polarity. What comes and goes is temporal, yet when you deepen the connection with expansiveness, you discover that which is constant, always with you, and never goes away.