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iRest Meditation New Moon April 1 2022 - Toxicity or Bliss?
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This Aries new moon on the 1st of April 2022 is an important moment of initiation. Like any dualistic possibility, it can give energy in a polarized way to the negative or the positive. It's up to you to choose which you would prefer to augment. Yet, it's not just on the 1st...these energies are in the background for the next little while. Can you feel them? Don't let them run you.

Aggression and revolution and the warlike aspects of the personality. Or, would you prefer to experience serenity, calm and peace? It's your's to choose. But one is certainly more harmonious and comfortable than the other. No attachment, just a thought!

Another polarization here is one of giving up, or feeling apathy - especially with regard to your rights of freedom of speech - or being stand for what you believe in without rancor or malice.

It could be an increase in toxicity OR it could be a chance to fully experience an additional expansion of heart.

If we do not clear emotions on a regular basis, like doing laundry every week, humanity will continue to abdicate making any decision and in so doing opt for the potential malice inherent in not choosing love, in the delusion that it's somebody else's responsibility.

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to move OUT of a state of emergency, into a state of resilience. Serenity and creativity offer a rewarding way forward when you choose to use your own independent intellect for the good of all. iRest meditation is a direct way to resolve "complicated" - trauma & grief:

iRest Meditation: a resource you can rely on during rough times. Stop relying on people; you will be consistently disappointed. Rely on Source.

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Resolve the emotional distress of years of grief. Stop living in sorrow. Create Space in your heart and mind, so that you can have your life back.

Clear the Loss of the Past Year  - The Momentum of the Spring Equinox
  • Gain Autonomy 

The focus of this restorative meditation is taking a moment to release all the world we have lost in recent times with love. Acknowledge. Express. Bless. There’s no place like home; yet, if you cannot find a safe haven within, you are in trouble. This is about finding home within - the most important environment you will ever inhabit. And finding a sense that you are supported, loved and welcome here. This is moving out of Pisces energy. Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and encompasses the whole. The energies are the most boundless because they are about merging with formlessness. Merge with love which is timeless and has no boundaries.

Buckminster Fuller once said that sometimes we need to create a new world and allow the old world to fall apart to be able to embrace the new.

Have a Heart iRest Meditation

A beautiful, restorative meditation in preparation for the full moon in Leo coming up on the 15th of March. In preparation for the energy about to pick up its pace, it's time to relax and absorb the surges of photonic light bombarding the planet. Full moons are always full of the feelings that tend to come to a head but this is a time when we need the great compassion of the heart to prevail. LEO is about having heart. Courage. We are shifting from the age of the mind to the age of the heart, so this Leo Full Moon is really emphasizing that. Let us prepare ourselves to go with the flow of this unprecedented moment in the history of our planet and its peoples...