The Trauma Release Method
For Freedom From Traumatic Grief & Loss
Conventional options for dealing with the severe, personal loss of an intimate partner, a baby or an adult child
- or even the loss of a parent while still a child - there is little that really addresses these.

Most therapies are all for "normal" loss,
such as the kind that is expected to happen over a lifetime.

This is a place where you can move beyond the neurological programming of years of grief.

But you have to be completely done with living in grief.
You have to be at the point of No Return. Are you ready?

Are you so fed up with living in grief that you are willing to do something?
Don't Expect to Harvest in the Same Season You Plant the Seed. It has taken years to plant the seeds of grief, to yield the barren landscape you inhabit now. Are you ready to plant the seeds of something new? Are you ready to take the pain and use it as fertilizer to make something better of the life you have left?
The truth is, hurt people hurt other people. Will you stop the cycle? Starting with how you be with yourself?

Death by sheer exhaustion, or time to build a new life?

With iRest Meditation, you can easily change limiting beliefs

while you simultaneously clear painful emotions and

open your heart, even after massively shutting down psychologically.

This somatic practice is a restorative way to change from the inside out,

based on a combination of modern psychology and ancient Vedic philosophy

that is was one of the very first "advanced technologies" in history.

When You've Lived With the Kind of Trauma That Makes You Feel Like You Want to Die

It's not about enlightenment.

Unless by becoming lighter, you mean

finding a way to live that

quenches a seemingly insatiable thirst!

But you must be willing to feel again.


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